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of goods are among t▓he measures to cut transmissi▓on.Fortunately, no ▓flu-like

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infections were fou▓nd among passengers on a flight ▓arriving in Shanghai on Thursda▓y morning, the fir▓st direct flight from Mexico to China's mainla?/p>

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otect themselves."China´s temporary bans in line with W▓TO rulesWTO r▓ules allow for stri▓ct quarantine measure

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s in emergencies.As more A/H1-N1 infections a▓re reported around the world, Chin▓a has decided to te▓mporarily ban▓

pig and pork i▓mports from ▓some affecte▓d regions.Organizations say p▓ork products not source of A▓/H1N1 infectionGENEVA, May 2 (Xinhu▓a) -- Pork product▓s handled in acc